Starting session one of the Write! test. I'm not sure what "distraction free" means exactly. Well,I can guess. Cutting out distractions. But when I use this...I still have access to everything on my computer. I was afraid to test this out because I thought it would take away my computer access. Which is funny. I'm afraid of being distraction free.

Looking at this page,I'm not sure about the layout and formatting. I don't care... this is more like a journal entry... but now I'm thinking about that Scriviner session I sat in on. Is this like Scriviner?

I'm looking at the features panel now. It looks like this software is robust and will do any sort of processing you want, as well as customizing etc.

Here is what I see (and understand):

  1. cloud-based and sync between PC and Mac (without a third-party app)
  2. you can publish from Write! (it's funny how the exclamation point is part of the name because it looks like I'm excited about that point when really it's just kind of meh). I'm wondering if it links to your cloud document or something else...? Guess I'll have to try it. It says the link is available to anyone you send it to, plus there are stats... interesting
  3. You can have a lot of documents and search between them. I was thinking I should have my blog articles backed up somewhere else... perhaps I should be writing my blogs in something like this, so I have a record in case my website goes down or gets wiped or whatever. Of course this all would go away if I lose my account too. But...

I just found you can publish direct to Medium from here.

  1. Price point: $19.95... then one year in you start paying $4.95/year for cloud access and maintenance. I'm honestly wondering if I'm reading that right.
    1. features: native cloud, clean UI with tabs, writing sessions, document link sharing, dark theme, unlimited Ctrl+Z (???), preset text styles, cross-document search, compact UI for note taking, configurable auto-complete, productivity counters, intelligent spell checker, markup support, keyboard friendly UI, magic font rendering, right-to-left writing, export to PDF, TXT, md, and more via weekly updates
  2. it says you can have different "writing sessions" and/or projects that you group together. I don't exactly understand this but perhaps I could use it for my book? A bunch of different files and documents that are grouped together?
  3. note taking option... even like to-do lists that you can cross out. looks interesting. I'm wondering if this is also an app I can use on my phone? I looked around, doesn't seem like it
  4. 15 different presets for various cases, plus you can change your default
  5. "focus mode" - this is interesting. "Fade out all paragraphs except for the one you are currently working on to stay in the flow and focus."
  6. multitude of formatting tools. Trying them out now... Well,I already found the bullet thing (easy) and the spell checker is... intuitive but not irritating. And it's easy to change the language. Oooh colour. I don't know if you can change the intensity of the spell checker. And you can Google words or phrases from right inside this document... interesting
  7. I just learned you can configure your spell check and auto complete. So. Yes!
  8. there's this support for writing in Markdown.I don't know anything about Markdown (markup?) but I want to learn. Apparently it's a time saver. You can also write in Wiki and Textile syntax (?) Either or a combination. Interesting!
  9. (I just Googled Markdown from this document... so I'm learning what that is)
  10. there's a productivity counter where you can set daily goals, track statistics, and improve the overall productivity of your writing. OK. I love this. I don't know if I'll USE this (YOU SHOULD) but I love it

you can also set limits... this is interesting! Word count limits. Wow, wow wow.

  1. ahh. I just figured out how to block my computer out - toggle full screen. OK. I hate that. But at least I still have my second screen (heheh)
  2. I do not see how to configure the productivity counters yet. So need to dig a bit. OK I found the word limiter(in the bottom left... there's a C| with my wc (holy cow I can write faster than I thought)
  3. in this word count or whatever productivity counter thing it also gives you different templates with word count suggestions. Tweet (22 symbols), social content (850 symbols), emails (200 words), articles (1,500 words), short story (7,500 words), narrative (40,000 words), and book (over 40,000 words)
  4. you can change between dark/light themes
  5. now the big test... how do I save? Oh. file>save. So. That's done.

This would have been REALLY good for NaNoWriMo.