4 Ways To Beat Your Procrastination

Sharing some tips that can help overcome procrastination and get everything done today

It’s a common thing that we tend to move unfinished tasks aside in order to step forward to the next ones. These tasks get stuck in our minds and cause unnecessary thoughts that prevent us from moving on to the next projects. Then, as usually, we decide to postpone all this for tomorrow, then for the next week and so on. Of course, tomorrow is the place where motivation and most finished tasks live, but we’d like to share with you some tips that can help overcome procrastination and get everything done today.

Divide Tasks Into Small Chunks

When you start a new project with the only intention to finish it asap, you are more likely to procrastinate from the very beginning as you don’t know for sure how much time it will take you and how much is affordable to allocate for its different parts.

A rather good approach to beat the procrastination at this step is to break big tasks into small chunks of work. This will help you not only to schedule the process better, but also to be more productive as psychologically you will feel the volume of work is not so huge.

Outline Those Chunks of Work

Even if you break a project into small chunks of work, they may still look frightening. Why? They may include some things you are not familiar with, and at this point, many people start their way to putting things on the back-burner until the flash of inspiration, which may never come, strikes their mind.

Since starting is always difficult, making up a short guide or a step-by-step instruction for yourself will give you a necessary push at any given moment. Think of it as of something you write for your colleague before your vacation leave. If you want to lie on the beach and not to be disturbed by anyone, make sure to outline all points precisely enough. Refer to it whenever you are stuck and start procrastinating.

Get Rid of Distractions

Reading a short Facebook post or quickly replying to a message seem to be inoffensive activities that take up only a few seconds of your time, but when you sum up all those seconds they result into many minutes or even hours of lost lime.

When writing something, you know how well these distractions can be eliminated with the help of Write!. All you need to do is to pin the app to top (Ctrl+T) and nothing will distract you. However, if you are an avid Internet surfer, this won’t help you, some net blockers may be a solution. For more precision, install a time tracker to see how much time is spent online.

Another thing that may cause disturbances during the work process is thirst or hunger. Try to foresee the circumstances that may distract you and put some snacks and a bottle of water on your table. Whenever you start thinking of going to the kitchen, you will have all you need at hand. Reward yourself with going to the kitchen only after you finish some part of work.

Ask for Assistance

Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you feel like procrastinating because of a huge amount of work to be completed. When you start mulling over the things you need to do, the path of doing nothing gets longer as those thoughts don’t let you come to grips with work. Ask a colleague for advice that will take you off that path. If necessary, Google is always there to give you an answer to almost every question.


As I’ve already mentioned at the beginning of the article, tomorrow is a favorite place of procrastinators. In order not to be among them, try to follow the above-mentioned tips at least once and you’ll notice the results.

If you have any tips to add here, share them in comments or send to contact@wri.tt, and we’ll publish them on our blog.

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  • Great article, thanks. I also found “Pomodoro Technique” pretty usefull

    • This is a good technique, especially for small pieces of work that can be split into the Pomodoro iterations. What is more, when writing an article, Pomodoro Technique can be applied to work on different paragraphs, e.g. 4 paragraphs = 4 Pomodoro iterations.
      Thanks for the comment, Oleksandr!