5 Writers’ Communities on Reddit You Need to Join

Writing can be lonely work. If you’re working on a novel, you’re just logging hours in front of a computer, and if you aren’t doing t at a bar, there’s probably not much socializing going. To mingle with other writers, as well as get feedback and critiques of your work, join a community of other writers. And what’s a better place for community than Reddit?

These 5 subreddits are bound to make you a better writer. Or, worst case, you now have a very enjoyable way to waste time. You win either way!


Writing Prompts_ Prompts and motivation to create something out of nothing

There’s nothing that will keep your skills sharp like writing regularly. If you don’t have any specific project you need to work on, you can head over to WritingPrompts to get your daily dose of exercise in. The prompts given on this subreddit are usually of very high quality: presented as a one-sentence conflict of some sort, you’ll know if the idea stirs something up inside you right away.

Share your writing, get some upvotes, some critiques and even fans right here. You just might find your first book deal here — you never know!



Do you like horror stories? If you’re craving something scary, or want to share your own horror story, NoSleep is the place.

It’s a great community of professional and amateur writers alike, all creating fantastic reading material. Check out the winning submissions for the subreddit’s monthly contest to get an idea of what kind of submission is considered great there, and get to work on your own!

Oh, and by the way: no disbelief allowed!


Six Word Stories

Shakespeare said, “Brevity is the soul of wit.” And if that’s true, this subreddit is the wittiest place on the internet. If you had just six words to communicate everything you need to, how would you do it? The idea for the subreddit comes from Hemingway’s famous six-word shot story that he himself considered his best work — “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.”

This place is chock full of other examples of compelling drama fit into less space than a tweet. Can you do better than Ernest? Or better than “Brought roses home. Keys didn’t fit.” and “Goodbye, mission control. Thanks for trying.”?



Do you want some high-quality critique of your work? Do you like telling everyone what you think about the thing you just read? Join DestructiveReaders!

This is a great community of writers and reviewers contributing to each other’s art. If you’d like to get some feedback from readers, you’ll have to share your own impressions of someone’s work first, since posting work without critiquing first is against the rules, and your submission is likely to get deleted. All the better, this ensures that your work will get read and reviewed!

Be sure to read the FAQ before posting there, since the above is only one of the guidelines of this awesome subreddit.


One Paragraph

If you like fiction, but can’t commit the time to read anything too lengthy, try OneParagraph. It’s exactly what it says on the tin: bite-sized fiction, with no posts longer than one paragraph allowed.

It’s its own little community of (very) short fiction writers making the most of the small medium. Users are welcome to ask for their piece to be workshopped by the readership, too, so don’t be shy to submit your own work here.


Reddit is known as a place where people go to waste time, but who says you can’t use it in a productive way? Get on these subreddits and share your writing, and get involved a community of other self-starters working on their passion just like you.

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  • “Reddit is known as a place where people go to waste time” true indeed

    • Many of them! But if you know how to use it, it might become a great tool to save time.

  • I am already in many of them

    • Do you find them inspirational?

  • Once I’ve tried to open my own topic there but it wasn’t successful. I think I rather didn’t spend enough time there or the topic wasn’t interesting enough.

  • Thank you for the list. It was interesting to know.

    • You are welcome, Vatroslav!

  • Nice.

  • The first one where I take some of my ideas from

  • I was happy to do discover a horror stories community. Thanks a lot!

    • You are welcome! I myself love horror stories a lot!

  • WritingPrompts usually has a great read or two if you’re willing to look for it.