7 Writers You Should Be Following

If you’re a writer or aspiring to be one, Twitter can be an amazing resource for connection to others in your profession. When not working on their next novel or blog post, these five authors are exceptionally good on Twitter. Add them to your timeline, and start keeping up!


Melissa Broder


Melissa Broder tweets in an irreverent, confessional, self-effacing style that you will either immediately fall in love with, or completely fail to understand. She’s recently released a book of essays called So Sad Today, based on the Twitter account of the same name.


Tao Lin

Tao Lin, author of Taipei, recently put out a book in collaboration with Mira Gonzalez called Selected Tweets. Follow his Twitter if you want to mainline the stuff straight from the source.


Roxane Gay


Roxane Gay, author of Bad Feminist, tweets observations, love for the cookbook author Ina Garten, and, of course, feminism.


Neil Gaiman

Gaiman is the author of American Gods, Neverwhere, and many, many other books. On Twitter, he’s usually interacting with fans and retweeting their fan art and cosplays. Other than that, he tweets about his wife and kids and the news of the day.


Jamie Lauren Keiles


Jamie’s work appears regularly at places like NYMag and Medium, as well as the New York Times. On Twitter, she posts observations about being a writer, life in New York, and mundane things she deems worth exploring.


Tom Scocca

He writes for Gawker and other online avenues, while tweeting about politics, Minecraft, and writing. Follow for the kind of opinion posting you can expect from a Gawker staffer, as well as must-reads from other writers and news from the blogosphere.


Choire Sicha


Choire used to be an editor at Gawker, but started his own little underground empire called The Awl. He now tweets about the news of the day, observations about New York and how much he loves the app Peach. Enjoy his tweets while you can, as he deletes the old stuff regularly.

So who’s your favorite writer to follow on Twitter? Let us know in the comments!

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  • It’s incredible how much stuff can be found on Twitter.

    • The important thing is to be able to filter the information

  • Don’t have much time to read them all. But thanks indeed 🙂

    • You are welcome, Juliane! 😉

  • I am already following Melissa Broder

    • So you know her style already 😉

  • I read Selected Tweets recently. Nice one.

  • Just perfect article to read in such cold rainy day

  • Any more?