Become a Merciless Editor for Your Writings

Okay, you spend most of your free time writing something. Probably it’s even your job, and you are more than confident about your texts. Great!

But now you need to become your own ruthless critic.

Make edits so that superfluous words disappear from your text. Don’t try to make the story long and get to the point. Be tough with your writings, and judge sober when to delete or rework something.

Don’t forget that if you are a beginner writer, editing may be a tough process. It’s necessary to realize that most of writing is actually rewriting and thus even more time and effort will be spent on it.

After a few editing iterations, your results will be much stronger.

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Chaotic Chipmunk
Community manager and content creator at Write!. When not at work, Chaotic Chipmunk can be found reading, cycling, taking film photos or hanging out with family & friends.
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