Beta 6.2 – 6.6: Updates and Fixes

For almost four weeks we have released updates of Write! in which some things were fixed, added or changed in a better way. Unfortunately, we were not able to deliver all features that we promised on time, but don’t think that we are idling. Here you can familiarize yourself with a small part of what has been updated for this period of time.

Improved Autocomplete

If you have at least once used autocomplete, you might notice that it made a word completion a bit slowly. We have improved the feature so that it works faster, and does not overload your computer. Just to refresh it in your memory, the feature suggests a completion for a word that is already written in the text. In order to use it, start writing a word and press Shift+Space to complete it.

Search Improvement

Previously, when changing a search mode (Case sensitive, Whole Word or Regular Expression), it was necessary to retype a search query every time you switch between the modes. Now, the search query is not deleted so you don’t have to type it again.

Smooth Tab Dragging

This was improved to please your eye and make “playing” with tabs more refined. Just try it and see the difference.

Better Counters and Productivity Scores

A lot of algorithms have been examined to find the best ones that would fully reflect your work with the application. In the latest updates of Write! we have introduced all the improvements to the counters that now give you more exact numbers and statistics of your productivity.

System Cursors and Double-Click Interval

Cursors and double-click interval are now integrated into Write! from your system. We made it to smooth the borders between the app and the Windows operating system.

Spell Checker Drop-Down Fix

In the previous versions of Write!, when using the spell checker at the bottom of a page, there was a problem of seeing the whole drop-down menu that went beyond the borders of the screen. You will no longer encounter this problem as the spell checker window measures the space that is left at the bottom of the screen and automatically defines where to pop up.

Copy&Paste Spellchecking Fix

We have fixed the way Write! recognizes the language of a text you paste from an outer source. Previously, the text you pasted was sometimes underlined in red as the app could not define the source language. Now it is tied to the input language of your system at the moment of pasting. Also, do not forget that you can always use the spell checker to manually set the language for the whole document or a piece of text (select and press F7).

The Write! team would like to thank each and every of you for all your feedback and ideas about the application. We do not miss a single message and consider every suggestion if it meets Write! concept.

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  • Cool program but sometimes (a lot of times) it wont start … or better … it starts but no windows in displayed (version 6.6 win 8.1 Ita Multimonitor)

  • Thanks for this. I love patch notes so this scratches a good itch. It’d be totally cool with you guys going further with it too, listing bug fixes and such. It let’s the community keep connected with the development of the app and feels very transparent, which is good.

    Good stuff guys.