Beta 7.1 – 7.6: Fixing and Optimizing

After about a month-long silence in our blog, we are ready to present you the latest hotfixes that were made to improve and optimize Write!’s performance. Take a look at the list.

A Few Spellchecker Fixes

From time to time, we receive some complaints from our users about the way the spellchecker functions. We have taken everything into consideration and made the following fixes:

  • Words are no longer recognized as wrong if they are written or pasted in a language that is disabled in the spellchecker;
  • Language control options are now visually disabled if you set the spellchecker language manually instead of Auto in Spellchecking settings;
  • The words that are written with inverted commas, apostrophes, single quotation marks, etc are no longer recognized as misspelled;
  • The word that goes after a line break is now spellchecked correctly.

Visual Navigator Width Fix

There were some cases in which the visual navigator width did not change after altering the text area width. The bug has been fixed in one of the latest updates.

Counting of Folded Text Fix

Words and characters in folded paragraphs are now counted correctly.

Document Tab Asterisk

If a tab is with an asterisk, it shows that the document has not been saved. The feature has been improved as it did not always work in previous versions of Write!.

Window Position in Multi-Monitor and Multi-Desktop Modes

The way Write!’s window restores in multi-monitor and multi-desktop modes has been fixed.

Style Inheritance of Deleted Text

If you write in bold, for example, and delete a few characters by backspace, the style will not reset and you will continue to write in bold.

Autocomplete Empty List Fix

If autocomplete does not have word suggestions, the empty pop-up will not appear.

Typing Space with Shift Pressed

You can now ignore the autocomplete shortcut and type the space character with the Shift button pressed.

Owing to your regular feedback and suggestions, we are full of enthusiasm delivering new features and fixing bugs. Thank you for using Write! and supporting our development team.

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Chaotic Chipmunk
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  • The download link doesn’t seem to be working.

    • Never mind! It’s working now. I caaaan’t wait to try thiiiiisss

  • I use this app a lot! So much easier to use than Word… I love the simplicity, clean lines, uncluttered interface and document tabbing. Well done.

  • I think the most important thing you could now is allow *saving* to .rtf as well as opening them.

  • You doing great job. Keep it up! I’m still waiting for tables, columns, .docx format, I counting for you!

    • Thank you for your comment, Blady. These features are planned, however the ETA is not clear.

  • Your efforts are much appreciated, Write really is such a neat experience!