Hello, World!

It’s been a long way since the moment we started our journey to bring something new into the world of text editors, and now we are proud to announce that starting from today (finally!) Write! 1.0 is available for download via our Early Adopter Program.


In Write! 1.0 we’ve integrated Cloud support, Dark UI Theme, Writing Sessions, Preset Text Styles, and much more. In order to participate, just sign up here and download the 1.0 version of Write! (not necessarily in that order). Once you fire it up, you will be asked to login using your newly created account. Participating in EAP doesn’t require any payment info from you. The subscription will be free for at least 3 months (till November 5, 2015), then $4.99/month. Write! and all of its someday-to-become-commercial features will remain free at least until we implement a way for users to bulk-export their content off the cloud, which is expected to happen in about 3 months (given we have to do bug-fixing and minor features too).

The current version of Write! (aka Beta 8.5) will be rebranded as Write! Lite once EAP ends and bugs are squashed. It will remain free forever with all the present functionality.

The Future

What happens next is actually even more exciting! There is a huuuge (like, really) To-Do list that covers pretty much all of the UserVoice feedback and requests, and includes some awesomeness that just can’t be found in any other writing apps right now. Having own cloud platform will enable us to do amazing things in terms of collaborative writing, reviews, various writing assistance tools, powered by machine learning, publishing, asset management and more. And, as per our core values, these features will be packaged in a clutter-free super-responsive desktop app written in C++ and running on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Finally, we would like to thank each and every one of you for taking an active part in improving Write!. Your suggestions are much appreciated and indeed help us steer the development to the right direction, so feel free to leave us comments in UserVoice

PS: Some shortcuts to get you started with Write! Pro:

  • F4 — to Show/Hide Cloud panel;
  • F8 — for text Style Presets;
  • F1 — for you know what 🙂
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Happy Hamster (CEO)
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  • Making the dark theme a pay feature seems pointless, all other features that come with the pro version makes sense, but the dark theme does not.

  • Please, considering one time price, because 5$for month not affordable for me. But for one time price (even more than 5$) it will be very interesting.
    And, please, make dropbox support instead your cloud.
    Very nice software and hope for non-subscription method and mac-support.

  • The text editor is no doubt promising with good UX and UI. I’d prefer to see a variant/version with all features (except cloud syncing) and with a one time price tag. If that happens, I’ll happily pay for it.

  • You should do some surveys with the users of the Pro version to find your preferred pricing point.

  • 5$/month subscription for a text editor?

    Why not just make it a one-time payment? Why would I for example pay 5$/m for this when I can pay 10$ for Nimble Writer and keep it forever AND get updates for it for free.

    • The reason for making Write! a subscription-based application is in cloud and its support.

      • I get that, but as much as I’m loving the switch to Write!, I will inevitably switch back to a non-subscription based software. Most of my writing, regardless of software, is automatically backed up to the cloud via other free services such as Google and Dropbox.

        I will keep an eye for any changes to your income strategy, however! It’s a great app, especially using the dark theme!

  • I like the idea, but I think that $5 a month is far more than I would be prepared to spend for what is after all a minor convenience. Compared to other things that already exist (like OneNote and Evernote, Keep etc. the biggest advantage seems to be the immediacy of the cloud storage, and the state preservation. Bearing in mind that I am already lumping out $10 a month for music, $10 a month for storage etc etc. There seems to be no end to it. It’s not worth $5 a month to me. One tenth of that, perhaps.

  • It seems a very promising tool! Can’t wait to try it out.