How to Write for Your Audience

Unless you are writing a diary, there is a very good chance you hope to have an audience. The feeling when people tell you they were touched, laughed, taught or enlightened because of some words you have popped on a page, can be a great one.

Here are some little tips that may help you write good pieces of content for your ideal audience.

Don’t Write As If You Have Swallowed A Thesaurus

It can be seen quite often, especially if you are trying to make a name for yourself. You may think that the way to stand out is by writing with as much “flair” as possible. Splurging words like in proverbs and long-winded metaphors is often unnecessary and instead of giving you that high-brow audience you desire, it is more likely to alienate the one you already have.

The real writing skill is being able to get your message across clearly and simply. Every time you complicate matters you give one more thing for the reader to get confused about and one more reason to put your book down or to click away.

But Don’t be Afraid to Take Risks

Yes, don’t write stuff that is so complicated it is hard to read, but that doesn’t mean everything has to be super basic.

Listen to feedback on previous work and try to understand the types of people who read your writings. Are they young? Corporate? Creatives? Of a particular niche?

If you understand this, you can better understand how to keep your audience interested. Will they be offended if you drop the odd swear word in? Will they have a fit if you use slang words? Will they get bored with any more than 200 words? These are the questions you need to have answers for before crafting your next article.

Risks in writing can majorly pay off and let you express yourself, but just make sure they are calculated. Once again, the best way to do this is by knowing your audience.

Be Yourself and Be Confident

There might be writers that you really admire or are popular, and you try to imitate their styles. Don’t do this.

We are all utterly unique and have our own incredible perspective of the world around us. You are best positioned to describe that world in your writing, and nobody can convey it better than you.

Confidence in their own style and structure of writing is something all good writers have had for many centuries. Creating your own style will help your readers to distinguish you from others.

Have Fun

If you are not having fun while writing, there is absolutely no point in doing it. If you are churning out words for any other reason than enjoyment, sack it off and do something that does make you content.

Your audience will see through anything where you haven’t put your heart into and enjoyed within the first couple of paragraphs. Writing should be fun and by that token should be a pretty easy work too.


It does not mean that firmly sticking to these tips will sky-rocket the content of your audience. All this is a subject of research and experiment, but don’t overdo it. A smooth-running combination of such actions will help you achieve the best results.

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