Publish Your Content Directly From Write!

This week we introduce a stupendously quick and easy way to share your work directly from Write! by publishing it online. No more copying & pasting just to show your lengthy masterpiece or a to-do list to someone.

How it Works

All you need to do is to right-click the tab of a document you would like to share and click “Publish Document…” from the context menu, and our system will generate a unique link following which you can view your content. You can then email it directly from Write! (no need to Alt+Tab to Gmail) or post it to social networks.


While documents that you “publish” are not password protected, links to these documents themselves serve as a password: one HAS to know the exact link address to be able to read the shared document. Thus, unless you explicitly share it with someone, say, to social media, not even Google will know of its existence.


What it Looks Like to the Viewer

The viewer will see your document on cleanly a designed web-page in either dark or light preset (toggled by the viewer). We’ve eliminated all possible distractions, leaving your viewers one-on-one with the content. There are no annoying ads between paragraphs or “sign-up now” links.

You can continue working on your document in Write! and changes will be reflected on the web too! Say, you can publish your to-do list, send a link to someone so they can track your progress by visiting the document online.


Managing Published Documents is Easy

You can “un-publish” any document temporarily or permanently from your Account page. This just takes it offline, but not off your Account. If you want to delete a document instead, you do it the regular way from Write!.

Published documents stay viewable online for as long as your account is active, or 365 days since it has last been viewed. So, even if you decide not to use Write! anymore, all shared documents will remain online unless you explicitly delete or unpublish them.

You can also see the number of times your document has been viewed today and for the total period it is live, excluding your own views.

Some Ideas on How to Use the Feature

  • Publish your writings and share them on social media (if you edit an article, it won’t show the readers that the article has been edited);
  • You can share links to Reddit, Quora etc and track how many people have viewed your writing;
  • Send links via email to a limited group of people;
  • It can be a good substitution for an own blog if you don’t have one;

Do you have more ideas? Share them in comments!

Possible New Features:

  • Let users choose if they want a shorter link to be generated (better for sharing on Twitter, worse for private shares cus its “easier to guess”)
  • Let users set a meaningful link for a published document (this takes the feature only one step away from being a basic blogging platform, (we will just need to add means to discover already published posts));
  • Let viewers download documents in PDF or other formats;
  • Let users publish snapshots of documents, so that further changes to the document in Write! don’t affect the published version;
  • Add more presets that mimic all Write!’s build-in presets;
  • A way for a viewer to mark that he has read the shared document;
  • More stats for users;

Let us know what on that list you think we should do next with this feature if anything. Or is there something cool not on the list?

Get Published!

Do you want your writings to get featured on our web-site and social media accounts? Share them with via our new feature and you’ll be heard!

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