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small addition to the publishing feature that makes sharing documents even more convenient

Hey, writers! We know you’ve been enjoying Write!’s publishing capabilites. We love helping you share your work, and we’re excited to keep making this feature more useful for you. To that end, with this latest update, we’re making a small addition to the publishing feature that makes sharing documents even more convenient.

You can now allow viewers to download the document they’re viewing in .wtt, with more formats to become available later. Here’s how you do it:

Log in to your Account, go to the page of a published document belonging to you, and click on the cogwheel button. A window containing some data on this document will open. In it, you can see when it was last viewed, modified, and originally shared; the amount of views the page has had today and overall, and two new options:


Checking the box next to ‘Allow public download’ will place a button in the header of the page that, when clicked, triggers a download of this document.


‘Include document history’ will include all previous states for the document, and the person opening it with Write! will be able to Ctrl+Z as much as they want.

This feature makes collaborating with Write! that much easier. We hope you take advantage of it.

Tell us what you think about this new addition on our UserVoice page!

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Chaotic Chipmunk
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