The Basic Stuff to Know About Write!

We have put a lot of effort in the development of Write! and built it so that all its peculiarities are hidden inside the app not to distract you from the writing process. However if you are good at navigating all the shortcuts, your experience with Write! will be unforgettable. Here is a short list of features that every user of Write! should know.

Access Most Features: Ctrl+Space

Hold the Ctrl button pressed and press Space a few times more (Ctrl+Tab does the same) to switch between the tabs where you can:

  • change text style: make it bolditalicunderlined, or strike it through;
  • choose a preset style for your text: header (h1, h2, h3, h4), quote, code, or a list;
  • change text colour: there are three hues of every colour, and four of black to choose from;
  • access the Writing Assistant that enables you to google a word or a sentence, look it up in Wikipedia, translate it in Google Translator, or search for it in Thesaurus.

Jump to the Next Misspelled Word: F7

With this feature you can not only easily correct the misspelled words, but also define language of separate pieces of text thus making multilanguage documents. Just select the text you want to change and press F7.

Get Help/Reassign Shortcuts: F1

Good old button that is always there to guide you through the thickets of features you are not aware of. Write!’s help window is multipurpose — it not only gives you the list of shortcuts, but actually allows to reassign them.

Move the Whole Window of the Application:

Hold Alt pressed+Click anywhere and drag.
This will allow you to move the application window across the whole screen of your monitor, or even between several monitors.

Scroll Right from the Place Where your Cursor is:

Hold Ctrl+Click and Drag.
Forget about the scroll bar, just hold the Ctrl button whenever your cursor is and start smoothly scrolling through text.

Knowing how to operate with shortcuts will favour your better experience with the application and help you to be more efficient in work with text. Just try this essential stuff and you will notice how easy and pleasantly it is to use Write!

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Chaotic Chipmunk
Community manager and content creator at Write!. When not at work, Chaotic Chipmunk can be found reading, cycling, taking film photos or hanging out with family & friends.
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  • I really love what you’re doing with this app!
    I have been looking for a really good writer tool for windows in AGES, and i have finally found it in yours!
    I would really like to know what font you’re using in the program, i like it a lot!

  • This app is amazing. When I searched Write! on Google I couldn’t find it. I accidentally stumbled on this app and was mesmerized immediately, you really need to publicize this beautiful program. And where is the contribution section, everybody would definitely want to help you guys. God speed people, we are eagerly waiting for the stable version…