Use Markdown, Wiki and Textile to Change the Way You Write!

Hey, writer! Did you know that Write! features three different kinds of markup language that you can use to up your productivity? There’s no need to reach for the mouse when you can edit formatting by adding a few keystrokes, and you can be more productive than ever! And thanks to the fact that markup languages are near-universal, you can copy and paste directly from Write! to places like WordPress and Wikipedia (to name a few) with your formatting intact.

So What Is a Markup Language?

In essence, it’s a set of tags that you can add to elements of text to change formatting and how the text is displayed. There are lots of markup languages out there, and Write! integrates three of the most popular ones: Markdown, Wiki and Textile.

First things first: let’s make sure markup is enabled. To do this, press Alt+Enter to bring up the settings, and navigate to the Writing Tools tab. In the Markup syntax box, select the language you’d like to use. Use the Ctrl+M shortcut to enable or disable this function on the go.

Bold, Italic and Underlined Text

These are the most basic functions in markup that will make your text pop. Here’s how it’s done:

Markdown Wiki Textile
Bold  **text**
  ”’text”’ *text*
Italic  *text*
  ”text” _text_
Underlined  Unavailable   Unavailable  +text+

Numeric and Bullet Lists

Start a formatted list at lightning speed by using these markup tags:

Markdown Wiki Textile
1. (space) # (space)
1. (space)
# (space)
1. (space)
Bullet * (space)
– (space)
+ (space)
* (space)
– (space)
+ (space)
* (space)
– (space)
+ (space)

Quote and Monospace text

You can use these commands to highlight your quotes or make some ASCII art:

Markdown Wiki Textile
Quote > (space) Unavailalbe bq. (space)
Monospace `text` <code>text</code> {{text}}
bc. (space)


You could mark headings by right-clicking, but who needs that?

Markdown Wiki Textile
Quote # (space)
## (space),
and so on
=header 1=
=header 2=
and so on
h1. (space)
h2. (space)
and so on

Textile-exclusive commands

Some features are only available with the Textile language. Here they are:

 Feature Command
Strikethrough -text-
Superscript ^text^
Subscript ~text~

And that’s all there is to it. Remember: to get quick glance at how formatting works in each of the languages integrated with Write!, press F1 and go to the Markup tab. Scroll down to browse all the available tags or start typing the name of the function you need to find it more quickly.

If you’ve got a document that was written without the use of markup tags converted into markup-friendly text for copying and pasting, Write! can do that for you in a jiffy. Just right-click the tab that contains the document you want to convert, go to ‘View in markup’, and choose the option that you need.

2016-03-30 17_50_12-What You Need to Do to Become a More Productive Writer

Your document will open in a new tab, with a lock icon where the cloud normally is. That means it’s in read-only mode, and all you can do in this tab is copy the text to be pasted somewhere else. Here’s what it looks like:

2016-03-30 17_52_03-Preview of What You Need to Do to Become a More Productive Writer

As always, you can add a shortcut to access these functions quickly by pressing F1, searching for the function you need, and assigning a hotkey. And that’s all there is to it!

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  • I am waiting for further development.

  • I hope Write! will be a decent markup editor in the nearest future.

    • We are doing our best to make it so.

  • I wrote it down, it is much easier to use markup formatting than endless clicks with mouse,

    • Can’t agree more 🙂

  • Nice feature. Thank you!

    • You are welcome, Tekle 🙂

  • Thanks for this development. It helps me greatly in my daily work.

    • Great to hear that!