Use the “Rule of Three”

In writing 3 is a magic number.

Though it’s said that at a time people can process 7 bits of information, the number that we like the most is 3. It’s not a coincidence that some of the greatest myths, stories and fairy tales are full of the number three. It all is caused by the way people process information — the less points you have to memorize, the better you’ll remember them.

So, when crafting another piece of content, have three bullet points, three steps, three strategies. Try to use this number as often as your text allows, but don’t exceed the usage in the places you can’t.

Using this technique, not only will you capture a reader’s interest, but also improve their ability to remember the information. As people tend to chunk information into small groups, this particularly comes in handy for writing informational articles of big sizes.

Don’t forget that this rule can’t be applied always. Use it sensibly and only in appropriate contexts.

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Chaotic Chipmunk
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