Write! v1.3.0: Global Search, Find & Replace

Today we are excited to introduce the new Global Search, Find & Replace feature, one more text Style Preset, and changes to color palettes.

Global Search

This feature allows you to seamlessly surface both local and cloud-stored documents — all entries that coincide with your request will be highlighted in active tabs as well as in the cloud panel.

The “regular” search (Ctrl+F) has been enhanced and now has the Replace functionality along with Find. Once you start typing your search term in, you’ll notice a small dropdown with options of either replacing one or all matches.

The New Text Style Preset

This style is designed for those people who write a lot in public places and don’t want others to stare at their monitors.

Color Palettes

Color palettes available from the Ctrl+Space context menu are now different for the light and dark themes. Also, when you switch between the themes, the colors will follow to match the UI.


Apart from all the above-mentioned, we have squashed some bugs and continue working on the features for future releases. As promised before, we’ll soon publish the road map for the upcoming awesomeness.

If you have feature requests or comments, don’t forget to shout them out to our UserVoice.

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Chaotic Chipmunk
Community manager and content creator at Write!. When not at work, Chaotic Chipmunk can be found reading, cycling, taking film photos or hanging out with family & friends.
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