Write! 1.59.1: Publishing to WordPress

In this update, we have added a long-awaited feature – an ability to publish documents to WordPress.

Here’s what’s new in Write! 1.59.1:

Publishing to WordPress

Publishing from Write! to the WordPress is easy and doesn’t require leaving the app. If your document is ready to be sent and get published to the WordPress, right-click on the tab with the document > Publish > Publish to WordPress. First what you need to do is enter your credentials and let then Write! remember them by ticking Remember Credentials on the lower left corner of the pop-up window.

Before publishing your article to the WordPress you can make some settings using major post statuses available in the WordPress:
Schedule your posts via Future, publish it right away using Publish item or send it to the Trash. Use Draft for incomplete articles, and Private, if you want this article to be visible only to the users at Administrator level.

Attach tags and categories in Tags and Categories sections appropriately.

Now, click Publish – and done. It’s really that easy.

Please note, you can publish to WordPress only Cloud documents.

And more:

  • Updated typewriter sounds;
  • Added a new theme – Sepia. To change a theme, go to menu > File > Settings > choose the one from the Global theme drop-down list;
  • Added a possibility to set up a shortcut for Google It Up, Translate, Ask Wikipedia and Define with Thesaurus actions;
  • Added an ability to turn off some warning dialogs by ticking Don’t ask again checkbox;
  • Added an ability to change Zoom level using Ctrl+scroll;
  • Minor improvements in a typewriter scrolling behavior;
  • HTML export improvements;
  • Fixed Find and Replace bug. Before you weren’t able to leave Replace blank and had it run to remove the item completely, it was needed to replace the query with a space at least. Now you can find and completely remove something you search for;
  • Fixed Ready to Install button bug;
  • Other minor improvements and bug fixes.


To get the latest update, open Write! and click on update-02 in the lower right corner of the app’s window.

Alternatively, you can go to your Account (you need to be logged in), navigate to the Download tab, and get the latest version for your OS there.

As always, we eagerly await your feedback on our UserVoice page.

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  • What API is used to post to WordPress? I use a different blogengine, but I might be able to support the WordPress API if it’s clear which API is used.

    Furthermore, wouldn’t it be nice to prefill the “Title” in the dialog from the highest H-tag in the document? If H2 is the highest, take that content, if it’s H1 take that content?

    • Hi Mark, XML-RPC is used to post to WordPress.
      Regarding prefilling the “Title” in the dialog from the highest H-tag in the document, the suggestion sounds interesting, we will think about it 🙂

  • Can’t comment or rate?

    • Bruce, usually there is needed some time for your comment to be published.

  • Outstanding!

    And Bravo to the whole Write! team for their relentless dedication to improvement and heartfelt commitment to being responsive to their community’s needs. THIS IS WHY I chose Write! over the half-dozen “other” distraction-free apps, as well as the more involved novel-writing programs. I’m very satisfied with Write! and excited about the future. Thanks!

    • Bruce, thank you for such kind words. In the nearest future, we will be able to please you with even more features and improvements to the current ones 😉