Write! Beta 4: Introducing the New Features

The new version of Write! has some pleasant surprises that we have added to make your writing experience with the app more interesting and fascinating. Now you can take the advantage of a new text formatting option, bulletproof save of all your drafts, and a unique tool that guides and mentors you through the whole process of writing.

Additional Formatting Option

Apart from old-school bolditalicunderlined, and strikethrough, Write! adds some magic and gives you an opportunity to make text light. This option is delivered to you with love from our designers to fill your writings with luxurious and refined look. Just as with all the other formatting options put a cursor on a word or select a piece of text and the miraculous Ctrl+L combination will make it lighter.

The New Saving Opportunities

Tired of Ctrl+S and text loss? Write! will take care of your documents’ safety with a bulletproof save feature. Close Write! and reopen it, and you will find all you writings in the exactly the same state as they were before closing. From now on, if you close the app, it vanishes in the system tray and can easily be accessed by the Ctrl+` or Alt+` shortcut. If you are a proponent of traditional saving in separate files, the Ctrl+S hot key combination will do that for you.

Productivity Counters

In the beta 4 version of Write! we have introduced the new status bar that is there to tip you the text volume of your document, measure the speed you type with (and if you are afk, it will stop), count your productivity per day and per minute. Just keep on writing and Write! will tip you whether the text length corresponds to a tweet, a Facebook status, an email, a narrative, or any other kind of text. Compare your productivity indicators with the last week’s ones and improve your writing efficiency. Write! takes care of your time and does everything to save every second.

We work hard to please every user and deliver the best features on time. If you have an idea and would like to see it implemented in our application, or there is a stunning tip that might improve the already existing feature, do not hesitate to send us your feedback. Some of the tips sent to us by our users are already implemented in Write! and we are happy to deliver them to you.

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  • Hi, the productivity status bar is a really intriguing aspect of the program. Was it included in beta 6? If so, how can I display it?

    • Hello Teresa, the productivity counters can be accessed by clicking the text length icon in the bottom left-hand corner of the application window.

  • Keep sharing.