Write! Beta 6.1: Minor Bug Fixes

In this release of Write! we want to make the app more stable and user-friendly. We have introduced some of your suggestions from our UserVoice and fixed a few little bugs.

Default Spellchecker Language

By default Write! defines the spellchecker language based on the keyboard layout that is active while typing or pasting text. In case you need to define the spellchecker language manually, use the option Default Spellchecker Language. Also, we would like to remind you that if you use default settings and the language is defined automatically, sometimes the text you type or paste can be underlined in red. What you need to do in this case is to select the text, press the F7 button and choose the language for the selected piece of text.

AltGr Support

Starting from Beta 6.1 the AltGr button is supported in such languages as Lithuanian, Latvian, Czech, Slovenian, etc. You can also use it to type additional characters and graphic symbols.

Apart from the above-mentioned, we have fixed the Ctrl+Backspace issue, double-click opening of .wtt and .txt, autocomplete problem and some more minor bugs.

Do not forget to use our UserVoice to report bugs or send us your ideas about the app. Every message will be reviewed and replied.

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Chaotic Chipmunk
Community manager and content creator at Write!. When not at work, Chaotic Chipmunk can be found reading, cycling, taking film photos or hanging out with family & friends.
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