Write! Beta 6 Is Even More Customizable

Every release of Write! has something new that makes the app more user-friendly, and Beta 6 is not an exception. Apart from another exporting option, we are introducing the new customizable line break, and give you an opportunity to modify the global hotkeys.

ODT Exporting

The previous release of Write! had some news regarding *.mdown and *.pdf export; Beta 6 enables you to export to ODT format, also known as OpenDocument.

Customizable Line Break

There are two modes of making a line break or a new paragraph in Write! that can be switched:

  • to make a new paragraph press Enter, for a line break use Shift+Enter;
  • to make a new paragraph use Shift+Enter, for a line break press Enter;

Modifiable Global Hotkeys

Ctrl+` or Alt+` global hotkeys, that are used for quick launch/hide of Write! can now be reassigned to any key combination. Just as with all the other shortcuts go to the help menu of the application by pressing the F1 button and there you will be able to reassign them.

In Beta 6 we continue to deliver the new features and fix bugs as per your feedback. None of your messages to us remain unnoticed. Keep up with our blog to be the first to know about the new and upcoming features.

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Chaotic Chipmunk
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  • Please let the files be saved as pdf, docx, txt, and rtf. and let them open these as well.Until this happens, i cannot use it, as not many people have this app

    • In order to save as .txt, .pdf, .odt, or .mdown go to the drop-down of File menu and click on Export, or use the Ctrl+Shift+E shortcut. Importing of these files, and also of .docx and .rtf is planned for the early 2015.

  • What’s the intended way to get to the feedback forum? I arrived there accidentally last time and now I can’t seem to find my way back, and I have a bug to report

  • It says it accepts .txt but when I doubleclick a .txt file in explorer it doesn’t open in Write. And I can’t save as a .txt either? That’s messed up.

    • hedgefield, Write! supports .txt format, but in order to open it you need to launch the application and drag and drop the TXT file you want to open to the app’s window. In the next release of Write! this issue will be fixed and you will be able to open .txt files by double-clicking.
      In order to save as .txt, .pdf, .odt, or .mdown go to the drop-down of File menu and click on Export, or use the Ctrl+Shift+E shortcut.

  • Can’t seem to make it run on Windows 8.1 64 bit. It installs fine, but won’t open up no matter what I try.

    • Jillian, there are no issues with launching Write! on Windows 8.1 64 bit, can you please describe in more details what happens when you try to run the app?

  • Is there will be a linux Version ? (sorry for my english)

    • Milka07, the Linux version of Write! is planned to be released in the early 2016.