Write! Beta 7

Continuing with delivering updates and fixes to you, we would like to present the change log of what has been updated and fixed in the latest release of Write! beta 7.

RAM Rational Use

As you have probably noticed, Write! used some excessive megabytes of memory with all dictionaries enabled in the spell checker. Starting from beta 7, the app loads only the dictionaries with the languages that are used in the documents you open. Additionally, you can reduce the memory usage by going to the Settings menu > Spellchecking tab, and checking only those languages, which you are intended to use. In order to automatically define documents’ language and see the list of word suggestions from other languages, Write! needs to load all the dictionaries for just a couple of seconds, and in this case it will use about 300 megabytes of the memory. If you disable the spell checker, approximately 20 megabytes will be used.

Status Bar Update

In Write! beta 7, we have prettified the status bar, adding the legend for document formats. You can also choose which of the counters is to be shown in the status bar line, and which is inside of it.

Alternative Mode for Shift+Enter

If you have got used to work in plain text editors, and were looking for the same user experience in Write!, we would like to introduce you the new experimental mode to work with text that is the same as in plain text editors. In this mode you create line breaks with the Enter button, and paragraph breaks with Shift+Enter, double Enter press, or the Tab button. Styles, such as headers, text body, etc, are also applied alternatively. As a result, you get rich text formatting, but with plain text input tools. We will consider this new feature in more details in another article that will be dedicated to this mode.

Owing to your feedback, we improve Write! with every new update. Feel free to send us your comments and new ideas to our UserVoice, or social media accounts.

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  • Right now it looks like the best text editor out there!

  • Hi there, I found your site by way of Google while searching for a comparable matter, your web site got here up, it looks good. I have bookmarked it in my google bookmarks.

  • Where can you get older versions like this one? Thank you, for your time.

  • What about a night mode? It would be pretty awesome for people who write at night, it will be easy to the eyes.

    • We are already working on it.

  • I have also dealt with crashes on my windows 7 64 bit PC. The auto-save helps, but I experience crashes roughly every two minutes

    • Could you please provide us with more details of what you exactly do when crashes happen?

  • It is great except for this version. It keeps crashing with a annoying popup. this on windows 7 64 bit

    • Thank you for the feedback, Kiravi. We will look into the issue and fix it as soon as possible.

  • Write! is getting better and better with every release. I can barely believe I used to be stuck to complicated word processors and irritating notepad alternatives.

    Now I just fire up Write! and concentrate on exactly that, writing and nothing else. Good job devs!