Write! Beta 8

As usual, we present to you the changes and fixes implemented in the latest beta version of Write!.

Undo History Embedded Into Document

Undo and redo your actions in previously saved documents. This feature is still in its infancy, however we plan to evolve it into a powerful tool.

Support for New Plain Text File Extensions

You can now open such file extensions as .info, .ini, .nfo, .cfg, etc.

Markup Preview

Everything that is written can now be previewed in markup syntax. In order to do this, right-click the document’s tab and the markup preview will open in a new tab. This also you allows to easily Copy & Paste markup-formatted text into third party apps (WordPress, Wiki etc).

Fine-Tune Text Insertion Point

You can now choose whether newly typed text will remain in the center of the app’s screen, at the bottom, or somewhere in-between. To adjust it go to Settings>General and choose Insertion Point.

Font Style Doesn’t Reset After Backspace

If you delete a word that is written in bold (or any other font style), you will continue writing in bold, and vice versa.

Style Inheritance of Pasted Text

The style of text you paste inherits the style of text you paste it in, except for the cases when you paste several lines. For example, if you paste a few words inside an italic text, those words will become italic.

The New Way Enter Press Works after Folded Headings

When you press the Enter button after a folded paragraph, the cursor will go to the end of this paragraph. What is more, when modifying a folded heading, the paragraph will not unfold.

Pinned Tab Bar and Status Bar

There is a new option that allows you to pin the tab bar and the status bar to the app’s window in full-screen mode.

Ability to Restore “Lost” Tabs / Drafts

If for some reason a tab did not restore after the app’s opening, you can reopen it manually from the drafts. Find the draft files by going to C:\Users\User_Name\AppData\Local\Write!\Drafts. This was mainly implemented as a last resort for people not to freak out over content loss after updating Write! from certain versions. The content in fact is never lost, we had a bug though causing Tabs not to reopen automatically sometimes.

Yet More Updates and Fixes

Apart from all of the above-mentioned, we have added the ability to change the navigator width, and fixed some bugs, including Ctrl+Insert, Shift+Insert and Shift+Delete behaviour.

We would like to thank all our users for support, feedback and suggestions. If something doesn’t work properly, or you think there is a way to improve a feature, don’t hesitate to drop us a line in UserVoice.

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Chaotic Chipmunk
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  • Hi!!
    I’m testing your text editor and I love it. Is it in your plans a future release that syncs with Simplenote?

    • Hello Alfredo,
      We are not planning syncs with Simplenote, however in mid Summer Write! will get its own Cloud.

  • Hello! Do you have plans to release a Linux version of this magnificent software?

    • Hello,
      Yes, we are planning to release a Linux version of Write!, however the ETA is not set yet.

      • Would love a Linux version. Linux user myself with no Windows install (not planing to)

  • very good work but when we will got OSX version

    • The ETA of OS X version of Write! is not clear yet.
      Keep up with our blog and social media accounts to be in the know of every update.

      • THB I am glad that windows version is progressing, because mac has already ton of great writing tools. If anything, I would like to see Write! mature in win environment, only after that see the ports. Just my opinion 🙂

  • Are you bringint the autosave feature back or “save every” so often “minutes”. I noticed it was not in this version.

  • Please keep at it! best writer for windows. Thanks for making uni easier!!

  • Thanks for the update, and keep doing such great work!