Write! for Students: Switching to Write! Student Lifetime License

Today we are changing Write! user’s and payment model for all Students. This step is crucial when talking about providing a stable development and future for the Write! app and the team behind.

Starting from today all new users under the status of Student can buy Write! Student Lifetime license just for $9.95 instead of $24.95, all the current users under the status of Student can get Write! Lifetime license only for $7.95 after your 1-year free period is over.

Read below the full information in form of answers to the questions you might want to ask before applying for the Write! Student Lifetime license.

What are the benefits of Write! Student Lifetime license?

  • A single purchase with an extremely low price for the license equal to Write! Lifetime license with all the features, updates and availability on Windows, Linux, and MacOS;
  • No need to prolong your account every year by submitting your documents again and again;
  • Account activation right after the purchase. No need to wait hours/days for that being done;
  • 7-day money back guarantee;
  • Your support for Write!’s further development.

What do you need to get a student account with a special price?

If you’re enrolled as a student in a high school, college or university, you’re eligible for Write! Student account. Follow the next steps to get an account with the discount:

  1. Go to this page, fill the Create a Student Account form where you will be asked to provide a valid Student ID. Press Get Started.
  2. You will receive a confirmation email immediately after the payment is done. You don’t need to wait for activation your account from our side anymore. Just log in and start using Write!


Please NOTE, there is given a 7-day refund period:

  • for you to try the app and ask for the refund if you don’t like it;
  • for us, to review your documents and cancel your account and refund money if your documents are invalid.

What happens with current Write! users who have a Student license, still students and need to renew their Write! Student license?

Those of you, who purchased Write! a long time ago, well, some couple of weeks/months ago, you can get a Write! lifetime license just for $7.95 when your 1-year free period is over. Just contact us via contact@wri.tt providing your valid student ID and we will give you a unique code for Write! Student Lifetime license purchase.

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