Write! Updates to v.1.45.0

Write! is out with a scheduled weekly update to v1.45.0. In this update, we have added a few more features such as saving a document as .markdown, switching between tabs by only pressing a shortcut, and fixed minor bugs.

Here’s what’s new in Write! 1.45.0:

  • Added “Open Document Location” for local files to a tab’s contextual menu;
  • Added an option to clear the input for Medium token;
  • Added an ability to switch tabs by pressing Alt+1… Alt+9, where 1…9 are tabs’ number accordingly; Alt+0 activates the last tab regardless of the tabs quantity;
  • Added .markdown save format;
  • Other minor fixes.

To get the latest update, open Write! and click on update-02 in the lower right corner of the app’s window.

Alternatively, you can go to your Account (you need to be logged in), navigate to the Download tab, and get the latest version for your OS there.

As always, we eagerly await your feedback on our UserVoice page.

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Chaotic Chipmunk
Community manager and content creator at Write!. When not at work, Chaotic Chipmunk can be found reading, cycling, taking film photos or hanging out with family & friends.
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