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Nowadays there are plenty of writing tools, helpers and services that promise to do everything for you, but there is hardly a single instrument that combines all you need. Write! is, of course, not an exception, but what it really does well is helping you be productive and stay focused on writing. It is not limited by beautiful design, there is also a number of features that are created to make writing a more fascinating process.

Here are some examples of how to stay focused and productive with Write!.

Go Full Screen for Сomplete Immersion

If you have not tried it yet, you know nothing about the distraction-free writing environment. Write!’s full screen mode provides you with a seamless experience without irritating ribbons, tabs, unnecessary instruments and toolbars. Everything is hidden, but only until the moment you need it. Hover the mouse over the top or bottom of the window and tabs, counters and the clock will appear; move the mouse out of that area and all those things will disappear in just a few seconds.

No worries about the text editing tools, they are always at hand. Just use Ctrl+Space or right-click to access them.

Why Would a Text Editor Need Tabs?

Don’t say that you like to open multiple instances of an application for different documents. It’s difficult to imagine a thing that is less user-friendly.

For this purpose Write! arms you with an ability to create multiple tabs for separate documents. You can navigate among them with the help of Ctrl+Tab or move&drag to change the position.

You can categorize it (organization of tabs) further by using “Sessions” which are essentially groups of tabs; switching between them re-opens multiple tabs at once. We’ll give you more details on this in our next post “Knowing Write!’s cloud closer”.

Use Counters to Track Your Productivity

One of the things you should not ignore is Write!’s productivity counters. They are located at the bottom left-hand corner of the screen and are created to help you with a number of things regarding your writing. First of all, counters show you all writing statistics, namely your productivity, which is words per day and characters per minute, and an overall statistics of an active document: words, characters, characters+spaces, A4 pages, and reading time.

If you want to have more control over your mind flow, you can set limits to the above-mentioned options. Just double-click a parameter you’d like to limit and enter a desired value. If you exceed this value, for example a number of words, Write!’s counters will notify you by showing the number of superfluous words in red.

Counters have different icons that correspond to the size of your document. The first one for the document from 0 to 140 characters is Twitter icon (doesn’t mean you can tweet from the app). As soon as you write more than 140 characters (with spaces), this icon will change into social, then email, etc. If you don’t like this type of size representation, you can customize the feature by right-clicking the counters and choosing the one that best fits you.



Pin to Top

Want to have yet more focus on text and distraction-free environment? Pin Write! to top! This magical feature helps the app to overlay everything else that is running in the system so that annoying stuff doesn’t disturb you while writing. The Ctrl+t key combination is responsible for pinning and unpinning. Works best with Ctrl+` when you need to quickly hide or open the app (discussed in our previous post).

Tunable Autocomplete

Write!’s autocomplete is another thing that is made to help you be more productive. It learns the new words from the context, i.e. autocomplete makes suggestions based on words you already have in your text. You can choose the number of symbols it is triggered after (starting from 2), limit the number of suggestions (from 5 to 12), and sort them either alphabetically or by relevancy.



Learn how to get the most out of all these things and watch your writing productivity go up. We’d love to hear you personal tricks on how not to get distracted and how you take advantage of Write! to boost writing efficiency.


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  • Will Write! Pro really stop being free on November 5th?

    • The Pro version will stop being free, the free one will remain available for free. There will be an option to bulk-export all cloud-stored files to docx/pdf/txt and download then as one zip so that users are not “vendor locked-in”.

  • How can I export the whole book not just the scene I’m on… I tried clicking on the Chapter and then export but it just tries to export the text I’m on not the complete book ?

    • Currently you can’t make a bulk export. If you want to save multiple documents, you need to save them all one by one. But pretty soon we’ll introduce an option for bulk download.