Write! Help


Will Write! be available in languages other than English?
We are working on making Write! available in other languages. It's not a priority at the moment.
Is there a student discount available?
Go to this page, and follow the instructions to get a discount.
Is Internet access required to run Write!?
You'll need Internet access upon first startup, so we verify your license and log you in to Cloud. After that, no Internet connection is necessary to run Write! When running offline, all Write! documents are saved locally, and will be pushed to Cloud once a connection has been established.
Why do I need to log in?
For two reasons: to grant access to Cloud, and to verify that you've purchased a license.
Where can I get technical support?
We have a UserVoice page where we accept feedback and provide support. You can get help for your specific issue by submitting a ticket. Alternatively, click here, and fill out our form. Please be detailed in your submission, and, if possible, provide screenshots.


How do I change the font size?
Write has 15 presets for you to choose from, each with its unique style. At the moment, there is no way to change font size within a preset.
Is there a spellchecker?
Yes! Enable it in settings (Alt+Enter on Windows or ⌘+, on macOS), and you're good to go.
How do I open a recently closed tab?
Just like in your browser! Ctrl+Shift+T on Windows, and ⇧+⌘+T on macOS.
Can I insert pictures?
Not yet! We're planning to add this capability in the future.
Can Write! open files other than .wtt by default?
When installing Write!, you can click on 'Options', and select the formats you'd like Write! to open by default. The currently available options are as follows: .txt, .rtf, .mdown.
Why are 'Save', 'Save as', and 'Export' different options?
We save documents in Cloud as well as locally in the proprietary .wtt format to preserve formatting and document history. 'Save' is used for documents saved locally and in Cloud to apply the latest changes. 'Save as' saves the document locally in .wtt, and 'Export' saves the document locally in a format of your choice.
Can I use 'Google it up', 'Translate', 'Wikipedia' and 'Thesaurus' without opening my browser?
Sorry, no. That would mean incorporating a web browser into the text editor. For now, we are focused on implementing other features.
How to change the typewriter scrolling position?
Go to Settings > General > Typewriter scrolling. There are three options you can choose from: 30% from the bottom, 15% from the bottom, and bottom.
Write! says I'm writing an article, but I'm writing a book. How do I change the icon?
This is an indicator of the length of your document. Continue writing, and see it change.
Does the Twitter icon mean I can tweet from Write!?

No, those icons indicate the size of your document. Documents containing fewer than 140 characters are considered tweets. Continue writing, and see this icon change to Social, and then to Email.

You can publish a document with Write! and share it on Twitter. Right-click on the tab with the document you want to share, click 'Publish Document', and then choose one of the share options, or just copy the link to paste it anywhere you want.

What is Focus Mode and how do I turn it on?
Focus Mode is a feature that dims all paragraphs except the one the cursor is on. This allows you to center your attention on what you're writing at any given moment. Turn it on by pressing Ctrl+Shift+F on Windows or ⇧⌘F on macOS.
How do I change keyboard shortcuts?
You can set custom shortcuts for most of Write!'s functions. To do this, press F1 on Windows or ⌘+, on macOS, and start typing the name of the function you're looking for. Once you've found it, doubleclick the function, and input the hotkey you want assigned to it. If the hotkey is already in use, it will be highlighted in red. Press Save to save all changes, or Cancel to discard them. Default will change all shortcuts to factory settings.
What are my text formatting options?
You can format your text in Write! using one of three ways: Markup (Textile, Wiki, Markdown), using the context menu (Ctrl+Space on Windows, ⌃+⇧+Space on macOS, right-click on both platforms), or by utilizing shortcuts (see them or set your own by pressing F1 on Windows or ⌘+, on macOS).
I want to make first line indents. How do I do that?
To make a first line indent, place the cursor at the beginning of a line and press Tab. If there is a line break (and not paragraph break) before this line, you'll need to press Tab twice.
I can't find the word and character counters.
The word and character counters are in the left-hand bottom corner of the app's window. Click the icon to see the properties of your document. If you are writing in full screen mode, hover the mouse over the bottom of Write!'s window to make the counters appear. To customize the counter, right-click the icon and choose the option that is right for you.
How do I export my writing?
In order to export your writing, go to File > Export. Alternatively, you can use Ctrl+Shift+E on Windows or ⇧+⌘+E on macOS. A window will open letting you choose the directory where you'd like to save your document, and the file format. The current options are as follows: .html, .pdf, .odt, .docx, .txt, and .mdown.
Is there Markup preview?
To preview your document in a syntax supported by Write!, right-click a document's tab and choose View in Markup. A new tab in read-only mode will be opened containing your document and all its formatting in the syntax of your choice.


Can a single account be used by several people?
It is not recommended to use a single account by multiple users. Write! may behave strangely in this case.
Can I try Write! before I buy it?
We do not currently have a trial version, but you can purchase a license and request a refund within 7 days, and get your money back with no questions asked. If Write! wasn't the choice for you, please tell us why! We'd like to know how to improve our editor, and rely on users for direction.
When can I start using Write!?
Your license is activated as soon as we receive payment confirmation from your provider.
What happens to my documents if I've used Write! for a year, but don't want to keep using Cloud?
One year after purchasing a Write! license, users must pay an additional $4.95 annually to retain Cloud access. If you no longer wish to use Cloud, you can still use Write! and save documents locally. All your documents are retained in the Cloud, and you can save them locally anytime by going to the Members area, and exporting them in bulk.


How do I change the email associated with my account?
Please contact support, and we'll do it for you.
How do I delete my account?
Please contact support, and we'll do it for you.
Why is the download link blocked?
Inactive accounts are displayed blocked download links. Renew your license, and the link will become active.


I don't want to save my documents to Cloud. How do I create local documents?
All documents are created in Cloud by default, but you can create a new local document using one of these methods:
  • By using a shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+N on Windows or ⇧+⌘+N on macOS;
  • By clicking ‘New Local Document’ in the File menu or a tab’s context menu;
  • By holding down Ctrl on Windows or ⌘ on macOS and clicking the + button next to the rightmost open tab.
I want to save my offline documents in Cloud. How do I do that?
Open the document in Write!, right-click the tab it's in, and select 'Move to Cloud'. Done!
How do I search documents in Cloud?
Open the Cloud panel (F4), and press Ctrl+F on Windows or +F on macOS. Input any text, and all documents in Cloud, as well as currently open local documents will be searched.
How do I know my document's status in Cloud?
In the tab of every Cloud-saved document, there is an icon that signifies its status:

— the latest version of this document is in the Cloud. This same icon with an asterisk means that the document is in the Cloud, but not in its latest version.

— this document is being synced.

— this document is not in the Cloud.

— this document failed to sync.

Documents without an icon are saved locally.
Is there a way to export files in bulk?
Yes! Go to the members area, navigate to the My Stuff tab, and scroll down to the Export Cloud Documents section. There, you can select a format you'd like to receive your files in. After selecting one of the formats, wait a bit while we gather the files, and a download of all your files (in a .zip archive) will commence.
How do I unpublish a document?
Go to the members area. In the My Stuff tab, you'll see a list of documents you've published. Check the box next to any of them, and click 'Disable link(s)' to unpublish. If you decide to publish the document again, it will be available through the same link.
How do I enable/disable document downloads?
With your permission, anyone in possession of a link to your published document can download it. This option is disabled by default, and can be toggled on the page of the published document. On it, click the cogwheel button, and in the menu that appears, check the box next to 'Allow public download'. Checking the box next to 'Include document history' will include history states in the file.
Can I set my own link to the published document?
Write! creates a random 16-character URL for published documents so that documents are only available to people who have been issued a link, and could not be guessed. At the moment, there is no way to set your own link.


How do I get a refund?
You can get a full refund, no questions asked, up to 7 days after purchase.
What is the $4.95 fee for?
Since switching to a pay-once model, Write! still needs to support Cloud, and this small fee goes towards that.

If you have any questions that are not listed here, do not hesitate to contact us
For submitting ideas and suggestions use our UserVoice page