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Write! is an elegant workspace to create notes, to-do lists, projects and texts of any kind. It has all word processor features packed into a clutter-free interface. Available on Windows, macOS and Linux.

Be More Productive

Do you want to write better? Many writers and creative professionals praise the way Write! takes productivity to the next level. Powerful writing tools like configurable auto-complete, intelligent spellchecker and productivity counters improve your workflow.

Your Documents are Safe

Have you ever lost a very important document in the middle of writing? Hold everything you write in one library with unlimited document storage. Autosave keeps your writing updated in the secure Native Cloud. You will have access to your documents anywhere, from any computer connected to the internet.

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Organize Like a Pro

It is easy to manage any writing project, and you can focus on getting the words down. Write! keeps your documents organized using tabs and sessions. It keeps all your writings, project ideas, notes and to-do lists and thoughts in one place. You will never lose a wohld or thought!

Online Note Sharing

Do you want to communicate with your teammates better and share documents faster? Write! can transform your writing to PDF, txt, docx and other format you need. Export your documents to HTML, publish them on the web and share a link! When you make changes in a shared document, they are immediately updated.

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Stop Procrastinating, Start Writing

Do you struggle with creating new ideas? Write! locks away your inner writer. Let your imagination take over, and just create. To be more motivated and focused on writing, enter Focus Mode, and trek on without looking back. Change to dark theme when it suits your mood.

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Common Questions

Is Write! a text editor or writing environment?
Write! isn’t exactly a plain text editor. It’s a smarter version of plain text that can work as just plain text, or handle much more if you want it to. It is writing software which incorporated workspace features to take notes, create writing projects of any kind. You can organize all your thoughts and ideas in one safe place, use it as a motivation and productivity tool. Basically, it is an writing tool to organize yourself and be twice as productive.
How is Write! different from any other writing app?
Write! offers the best writing software experience to writers, students and researchers, bloggers and journalists, creative writers, copywriters, creative professionals etc. to drive writing productivity at work and throughout personal projects by implementing a minimalistic user-friendly design, automation and software efficiency.
Is it a Word or what? Why can't I just use Google docs or something like that?
The Write! app has been designed with one thing in mind: Productivity. We believe that a clean, stylish interface and an intuitive writing environment are things that professionals are looking for to be more productive. They find it in our writing software. Inspiring atmosphere and work environment may become the number one motivator for your work. Use a powerful and simple writing app that helps you write more and better. Of course, Write! incorporates all necessary and expected word processor features, but we got rid of all distracting and overwhelming buttons, functions, additional windows, open files mess on desktop etc. Set your writing Goals and get a motivation and visual satisfaction when you achieve them. Revert to previous versions of your writing with no limit. Write! organizes all your projects in one place. Native Cloud unified library holds everything you’ll ever write, and is equipped for managing writing projects and notes.
Why should I pay for it? I can use free writing software
You pay for free software by selling your personal information. You get free writing software, and a company has your data to show you advertising and sell your email address. No one likes that, we also do not like the idea of showing you advertising in a tool that was designed to make you more focused. That's why we ask you to pay some money. But overall it's a bargain, isn't it?
I really like your writing app for Windows, Mac and Linux. But you don't have that one particular feature I need.
Write! is pro writing software that gives you pleasant and enjoyable, distraction-free writing experience. If the feature you need suits the concept, we will be happy to develop it. Let us know what you require on our UserVoice!
What makes Write! really cool is that it has a mixture of rich-text functionality, productivity tools, a Zen-like distraction-free experience, and the note-taking capabilities. PCWorld
Write! Is a Distraction-Free Text Editor with Just the Right Features LifeHacker
Write! is a great way to organize any amount of writing and separate documents that have to do with separate projects. Forbes
If you want to use Markdown and automatically sync between devices, this Mac and Windows cloud-friendly word processor is worth a look MakeUseOf
Move over Evernote, I use Write for drafting all my articles on Windows now TNW