The right word processing software will help you be a better writer. Write! is the professional writer's choice. It comes in a smooth, minimalist package, and has some killer productivity features that can maximize a writer's output. Here's why Write! is unlike any other word processor.
Available on Windows, macOS and Linux

Not a Simple Word Processor

Write! may look like nothing special on the outside — just text on a mute background, what's so special about that? Self-teaching autocomplete that knows what you're about to say, intelligent spellchecker that knows which dictionary to check, and the ability to instantly share any document you own, with anyone.

Sharing Enabled

Write!'s publishing feature separates it from other word processors. Anytime you'd like to share a note, a draft, or any collection of text at all — you can do it with a hotkey. Write! automatically generates a link to your text, and you can share it with anyone you'd like to see it. Write! also lets you track viewing statistics, and let people download your document if you so desire.

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Cloud Integrated

Write!'s Cloud syncs any change you've made to any of your documents instantly. Here's something no other word processor can promise: matter what kind of horror your laptop goes through, you can always be sure that an up-to-the-minute version of all your documents (and their entire history of changes) is safe in the Cloud, where you can get them at any time.

Fully Cross-Platform

It's not a Windows word processor, it's not a word processor for Mac, and it's not a Linux word processor. It's all those things. Write! was designed to be cross-platform. Whatever your choice of OS is, even if you use more than one, Write! will have your documents ready and available to you the second you boot up.

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No-distraction Word Processing App

When considering a writing environment, what do you look for? It's probably a quiet place where you know you won't be disturbed, and can just sit and do your work until it's done. So why is your approach to picking a word processor any different? Surely it matters as much if the screen you're looking at is constantly filled with pop-ups or fits your workspace between unnecessary toolbars. In fullscreen mode, Write! gives you a clean slate. You can just work.

Focus Mode

A text editor shouldn't be just some space that remembers what you wrote. A true word processor for writers will work to enable writing. That's why Write! has the Focus Mode feature. Press a hotkey, and all the text you wrote before the current paragraph will get dimmed. Your focus will get pulled to what you're doing at the moment, and your output will get maximized.

Productivity Counters

Write! is word processing software created to improve writers' productivity. The first step we took towards that when designing Write! is to implement productivity counters. But any old word processor for Mac or Windows has that. What makes Write! different? It tracks statistics per document as well as globally, allowing you to get rich information and see the trends in your writing habits, so you can improve them.

About Write!

Write! looks like a solid word processor. How tolling is it on an old computer?
We made Write! to be lightweight, smooth, and fast. You might experience problems if your computer is old indeed, but as long as you can have 10 tabs running on a browser without overclocking, you're good to run Write!
How do I export my documents from Write!?
Since Write! puts all your documents into its Cloud, you can retrieve them from it at any time. Just go to your account page, and download them in bulk. Alternatively, you can open the word processor, and pick and choose which docs you want to save, as well as the format they should be saved in.
How is it different from other Mac word processors?
Surprisingly, lots of text editing apps on macOS don't have a companion version on other operating systems. Write! is truly cross-platform, allowing you to leave your work on a PC, pick it up on Linux later on, and then on a PC. You won't find a dedicated Apple word processor that does that.
Why should I pay for word processing software?
For one thing, the free alternatives (from hobby projects to freeware) don't have half as many features as Write! For another, you never know where your information is going to end up, not to mention how safe documents are in other app's Clouds (if they have them). Paying is truly the safer route to take in this case.
How can Write! help me organize my writing?
The true horror of the professional writer isn't writers block. It's organizing all your documents. While other word processing software just lets you dump all your writing in one folder, Write! lets you keep everything separate in tabs, sessions, and Cloud folders. And if all else fails, you can Ctrl+F across everything you've ever written in an instant, even using RegExp. Cool, right?

Here's how you install Write!

  • Register an account, and go through the payment process.
  • Go to the Account page, and download Write! for your OS.
  • Install and use! You'll need to log in before you use the app, and two weeks after using it with no internet connection.
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