Write! is software for the productive writer. Here are just a few of the features it has that will make it indispensable for hitting your writing goals.
Available on Windows, macOS and Linux

Focus & Full Screen Modes

Writing apps for Windows are usually so cluttered, there's hardly any room to think. Not that writing apps for Mac are much different. Write! does away with all of that, and gives you Focus Mode on top of it. Just press Ctrl+Shift+F, and Write! mutes all your distractions, leaving you room to work. Try it out and experience the magic of the text editor from the future.

Productivity Tools

Write!'s magic counters give you all the stats you need to know about your writing and productivity, at a glance. Forget writing software that just gives you numbers, Write! gives you goals. You can set a goal or limit for any stat that Write! tracks — words, characters, reading time, or pages. Once you've input a number, a counter in the corner of the screen will count down until you hit it. Once you've gone over the number, it starts showing up in red, just like a tweet.

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Intelligent Autocomplete

No other writing software for authors predicts what you're going to say next. Write! analyzes the words you use, and how often you use them to give you the best suggestions possible for what you're about to say. There's simply no way you'll get blocked any more.

Intuitive Interface

Good writing apps are not easy to find. On the one hand, you have apps that are the bare bones type of simple — like Notepad. It's alright if you need to jot down a few notes in a meeting, but nothing more serious than that. On the other, you have supersoftware that's overloaded with features, and thus only runs smoothly in demo videos made on pretty powerful computers. Plus, a lot of those all-in-one kind type of apps don't know what to do with all the features they have, and end up having a UI that makes your eyes bleed. Enter Write! It's writing software for authors with not a superfluous feature in sight. It's got a super simple UI that won't cause any distractions, and just the right features to superpower your writing without overloading your head and CPU with writing tools you'll never use.

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Minimalist Writing Software With Style

Write! features two gorgeous themes — Light for writing in the daytime and maximum contrast, and Dark for becoming a dark room text editor for all those late-night writing sessions. In both themes, it's an incredibly stylish text editor, with every formatting option and preset looking beautiful. We hand-picked each style preset to look pretty in every language and theme in Write! And dark text editors have never seen functionality like Write! — it is simply a black screen text editor like no other.

About Write!

How is Write! different from any other writing app?
It's not difficult to find a simple writing app for Windows. But it's tough to find a simple writing app that packs a punch. Write! was designed to be a versatile tool in the writer's arsenal. In fact, it was designed with all types of writers in mind — this is a text editor for writers, and bloggers, and novelists, and journalists, too.

With its sleek UI and fast performance on all major operating systems running on any old hardware, Write! is the text editor for writers on any platform. Write!'s Native Cloud feature keeps all your writing up to date in a secure Cloud, so you can write without worrying you'll lose something or have to resort to thumb drives that get lost all too often. Start learning to rely on your word processor.
Other writing tools are free. Why should I pay?
No free writing apps will give you the kind of functionality that Write! does, and certainly no free app treats users' data as preciously as we do. Rest assured, if you're not paying for it, the product is you.
Is there a student discount?
We know how much students need a word processor like Write!. That is why we're giving away free Write! licenses to all students, anywhere. Click here to submit your info for a free Write! account. We hope you will find your new writers app useful, and don't forget about us when you graduate.
I'm still not convinced. Give me one killer feature of your text editor.
Publishing! With a few clicks, anything you write can be shared with the world — or only your inner circle. Any change you make to the document inside the app will be immediately mirrored in the online version. Literally no other software for writers does that.
Does distraction-free writing really matter?
It really does. For the same reason that you shouldn't text and drive, you should find a text editor for writers that doesn't distract you.

Here's how you install Write!

  • Register an account, and go through the payment process.
  • Go to the Account page, and download Write! for your OS.
  • Install and use! You'll need to log in before you use the app, and two weeks after using it with no internet connection.
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